How to Plant Red Maple Seeds

How to Plant Red Maple Seeds

Barricadaonline – Red maple or red maple is a type of maple. This plant is widely cultivated in North America. This plant is one of the most common maple species in the region.

The hallmark of this plant is its beautiful reddish leaves. In fact, other parts of this plant, namely the flowers, stems and seeds, are also reddish.

Red maple plants can survive well in a variety of growing areas, including very dry soils, swamps and the like. In fact, red maple plants can grow in the tropics just as well, even in Indonesia. The sap of red maple is widely used to make sweet syrup. One of the most popular is red maple. There is also a way to plant a butterfly pea flower.

Actually, red maple plants are a bit difficult to grow, but how to grow maple trees in Indonesia can still be done. In order to understand how to plant red maple seeds, consider the following description:

  • Maple seeds left in the ground will take years to germinate. For this, planting maple seeds will require human assistance.
  • Remove the hard maple shell or the seed shell. This can be done by rubbing the base of the seed against a sharp object or by first soaking the seeds in lukewarm water for 24 hours.
  • Store red maple seeds in a warm room, between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Transfer the red maple seeds to a resealable plastic bag. First, fill the plastic bag with planting media in the form of peat or other planting media.
  • Put the seeds in this bag, then put the bag of seeds in the refrigerator.
  • Check the seeds in the refrigerator every two weeks. Avoid mold or drying. Wait for the seeds of the plant to sprout and germinate. It usually takes around 180 days for this plant to germinate.
  • Sprouted seeds can be planted in pots or outdoors if the air temperature is warm enough in moderately moist soil.
  • Red maple shoots are planted 0.6-2.5 cm below the soil surface.
  • Do not allow the red maple planting area to dry out. Water well and enough so that the plants receive the nutrients they need in sufficient quantities. Check the type of soil suitable for horticulture.
  • As long as the soil that becomes the growth medium for red maple does not dry out, maple plants do not need additional care. It may be different from the type of soil that is suitable for planting durian.
  • It is best to plant a red maple in a location exposed to the sun or light shade. If this continues without sun, red maple will be difficult to grow.
  • He must not disturb the nursery that has been created. In fact, sometimes when sowing, red maple seeds will not grow compared to other seeds.

However, sometimes seeds that do not germinate may appear the following year. In fact, it is rare, but you have to wait patiently and continue to monitor the development of these seeds. See also how to compost from organic waste.